Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pangnirtung Landing

On Saturday morning, I went to Pangnirtung with circuit co-counsel to begin meeting with clients and getting our cases ready for the August 19th court circuit.  It was a gorgeous day.  In February, when I went to Pangnirtung for the first time, I described the somewhat exhilarating Pang landing in my blog.  I was really hoping to be able to experience that approach again when we arrived.

I wasn't disappointed. And this time, because I knew what to expect, I had my camera ready when the time came. What the pictures below show is the view from my seat as the plane flew low into the Pangnirtung Fiord. The plane then made a 180 degree turn while inside the fiord and then landed on a very short runway really close to town, pretty much in the middle of the community.

Apparitions - Matthew Good Band
Til Kingdom Come - Coldplay

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  1. Nice shots of Pang as you landed! You got an awesome shot of my house just before you flew over. Hope you are enjoying your week here on the circuit!